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In recent years, with the increase investment of university and development of teacher teams, the number and the level of current research projects are growing unceasingly. In recent 10 years, NNSF of China fund projects 43, ministry of education fund projects 10, shaanxi provincial scientific research fund projects 31, all kinds of internal projects 5 and lateral projects 31 are applied, the annual average research grants more than 500 ten thousand yuan. In recent 10 years, near 100 SCI papers are published, more than 20 patents are publiced and authorized, 102 software copyrights are registed, 20 academic monographs and textbooks are published, 12 awards of provincial education and departmental are awarded. School of Computer Science has been named scientific research advanced unit in 2008 and 2012.

School of Computer Science has 4 research institutes: institute of intelligent information processing and information security, institute of embedded and pervasive computing research, institute of IT security, institute of software engineering; 2 engineering centers: environmental perception and information processing engineering technology center, electronic services and software engineering center.