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Families, 1501 held in "as the burden on the heart, let the youth set sail" as the theme of psychological class meeting
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Our plan on 25 November 1501 class held in room 517 of the wenjin building to "as the burden on the heart, let the youth set sail" as the theme of the class meeting.

This class aims to reduce the psychological burden with your classmates. With the end of the semester, the arrival of the final exam, the students of pressure is more and more big, especially the study pressure, so more and more heavy psychological burden. Many students came to me reflect their recent poor sleep, stress, mood be agitated and so on all sorts of problems. So in order to reduce everyone's psychological burden, as a psychological committee member, I planned and held a class meeting this time.

This activity is given priority to with the game, hope everyone in the fun from the game at the same time, also can reduce the burden of his, at the same time for the psychological situation of myself in this stage have a roughly understanding; This activity is on everyone's familiar with and understanding to the test, hope the students feel the importance of unity and cooperation.

Activity is the first item of the psychological test, hope everyone by several psychological test to understand their own stress status, and share the relief way, the students in the process also to open up and share their own experience.

The second part is "guess who he is" game, let the students write on the paper a remarkable feature, all the people present at the last write the person's name, the host to read the content of the note, let you guess who wrote on the paper. Can make you more familiar with the game, also let everybody know to look in the eyes of the others. The game everyone to participate in a very positive, written content is also very humor, not only increase the familiarity with each other, also let some students found their own advantages, increased confidence.

The third part is a touch of the game, host for six people, five people sitting in a chair, facing you, a person standing behind them to touch the five people in the face, and guess who they are, the game tested everyone's familiarity with, before the game to touch people closely observed by touch, this link is very impressive to me, because even very good friends is not carefully observed each other before. I also have to participate in this game, when I drag, roommates can guess I hesitate, let me very moved. I think this is also the value of the game: no matter you become what appearance, I can recognize you!

Fourth content was a bench of the game, although you have played before, but this time we make single out to talk about their own feelings of National People's Congress, said some very lonely, some people is to leave the place with others, it also let people get a lot of inspiration from the game.

The last item is to let the whole class into two groups, in front of the person sitting behind the man's legs, in a circle, see a group of students insist on a long time. The game test team's tacit understanding, let people realize the importance of teamwork, before the game everyone was very simple, but the game when you found that it is not so easy, especially you let me very moved to support each other in the scene.

The class meeting activities for two hours, and finally ends in everybody's pity. Everyone's performance is very active in the process of game, let me feel the power of class group.

Class meeting time although short, but in this short period of time to let everyone know more about each other, also enhanced the cohesion of our class body, at the same time reduce the burden. Everybody hope you can hold a lot after this activity, I also hope that there is something for everyone in the class meeting activity!