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Guizhou university professor chang-gen peng to the hospital to do academic report
Time:2016-11-02 Hit:

On December 1, the network information security in our scientific research team invited professor zhen-qiang wu, guizhou university professor chang-gen peng in our hospital from 622 hall made titled "privacy rational calculation thinking" academic report, report chaired by professor zhen-qiang wu, our part of the master, doctor graduate students' and teachers' listen to the report.

In the meeting, professor chang-gen peng from big data storage security and data privacy protection, the background of present research the importance of privacy protection, and points out that the traditional cryptography and enjoyed an existing privacy protection technology, as a result, force us to seek a balance between privacy and service solutions, to maximize the interests of all parties to equilibrium, fair and transparent access service and risk assessment, realize the privacy protection and the satisfaction of service quality. Based on this, professor chang-gen peng team game model for risk assessment. , consider when building a game model of privacy protection and analysis of using balance, security and efficiency of weighing and privacy and attack cost for weighing. Followed by the game model, will introduce a game model of rational privacy problem, game equilibrium of the model is the availability and the balance between privacy protection; Finally is mechanism design, according to the privacy of participants preference, to define the type of rational participants and the optional strategies. Privacy rational calculation content system can be summarized as the following four aspects: the rational privacy fair exchange, rational private cooperation calculation, rational privacy access control model and rational privacy risk assessment and control model.

The report content is rich and colorful and reality. Peng teachers and graduate students in q&a questions made the patient explanation, and pointed out that it is difficult to achieve absolute privacy protection technology to, look forward to participating professors and graduate students can come up with more effective privacy protection algorithm, at the same time welcome the teachers and graduate students to participate in guiyang in 2017 held the second session of the national privacy academic annual meeting. Report finally, professor zhen-qiang wu has made the simple summary of this report, and thank you again for the arrival of professor chang-gen peng, hope both sides can have more communication and cooperation, jointly promote our ability of the network information security team research level.