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Quantum uncertainty and quantum metrology
Time:2016-12-05 Hit:

Lecture topic: quantum uncertainty and quantum metrology

Lecture: Dr Liu Xiaoming (Postdoctoral)

The lecture time: 10:00

The lecture date: on December 5, 2016

Location: changan campus The wenjin building three 6 layer 612 academic discussion room

Organizer: Institute of computer science computing intelligence team

Content of the lecture:

Quantum metrology is about the optimal measuring accuracy under quantum mechanics theory, it tells us how to estimate physical parameters from the full of random measurement data. In this report will introduce the basic knowledge of quantum metrology, and how to overcome the noise and random quantum measurement. We will also introduce quantum metrology in a coherent point source imaging applications.

Lecture one introduction:

Postdoctoral Liu Xiaoming, the national university of Singapore. In 2011 in zhejiang university physics department for Ph.D degree, then quantum technology center at the national university of Singapore and his postdoctoral research department of electrical and computer engineering. Has been in Nature Communications, ultimate X, Physical Review A international academic journals such as SCI papers published over 20 articles, total cited more than 700 times (based on Google Scholar database). Research areas are mainly concentrated in quantum metrology, precision measurement and quantum information science.