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Brain networks and applications of data mining
Time:2016-12-04 Hit:

Lecture topic: Brain network and application of data mining

Lecture: professor Zhang Daojiang, winner of national outstanding youth fund, "ten thousand plan" young talent of the list

The lecture time: 9:40-11:30

The lecture date: on December 4, 2016

Location: changan campus The wenjin building three 5 layer 522 academic discussion room

Organizer: institute of computer science intelligent visual computing research team

Content of the lecture:

The latest research results show that a lot of brain diseases such as alzheimer's disease is not only associated with specific regions of the brain, but also associated with the connection between brain areas. This report introduces brain based on machine learning and data mining technology to connect to the Internet intelligent analysis method and its application in early diagnosis of brain disease.

Lecture one introduction:

Zhang Daojiang, Ph.D., nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics professor, doctoral supervisor, winner of national outstanding youth fund, "ten thousand plan" young talent of the list. Main research interests include machine learning, pattern recognition and brain imaging/brain network intelligence analysis. Served as director of China society of image and graphics committee and the Chinese society of artificial intelligence and machine learning branch of artificial intelligence and pattern recognition of China computer society of academy members, "journal of automation and so on.